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Hebah Akram Khan




New York


Barnard College/ Columbia University '17. Creative writing student, aspiring entrepreneur, designer by accident. Passionate about stories.


I am a university student in New York city, currently majoring in english with a concentration in creative writing, and minoring in economics. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX to Pakistani immigrants, and have since been transplanted into New York for school.

Design is something that has been part of my life, though I use the term loosely; it does not only include designing things, but also situations.

My experience in community organizing has taught me about design in a holistic way, and I learned about configuring situations in the way that I have described. It is how people should interact, how to send messages, how information travels, what the perception of an idea or an image is, and how to further a cause – all of which require “designing” situations.

My work in graphics and photography came out of organizing work, as necessity is the mother of invention. I have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in my community in a way that develops my creative skill set, by either photographing and capturing those stories, or creating graphics to tell them.

I hope to continue to develop as an entrepreneur, and to get as much experience doing as many different things I can in my time as a student living in New York City. Design is figuring out how things should look and function, and making that happen. Whether through visual art, community organizing, or business ventures, I hope to keep working and growing as a design student.


Barnard Residential Life BC Center for Translation Studies CU SJP Muslim Students Association Organization of Pakistani Students Barnard Student Life The Muslim Protagonist Conference


Fliers, Social Media Graphics, Social Media Strategy, Event Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Management, Writing, Event Monetization


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Wordpress, Research, Microsoft Office, Urdu- Fluent, Hindi- Fluent, French- Proficient, Cooking, First Aid, Beatbox